Better Insights
Smart Decisions
Big impact

A decision intelligence platform that empowers companies to unlock the true potential of their data and make confident, impactful business decisions


Why us

Unified view of your decision making

Granular Segmentation

advanced data analytics and segmentation techniques

Targeted Approach

tailored solutions that drive growth and maximize marketing effectiveness

Data-informed Mindset

shift from relying competitor actions to leveraging data as a strategic asset

Predictive Outcome

leverage predictive modeling techniques to forecast outcomes and guide decision-making processes.

Real-Time journey Optimization

 real-time marketing automation features that trigger personalized offers

Extensive Performance Reports

comprehensive view of campaigns’ performance, engagement levels, and revenue impact


We develop & create digital future.

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No Insallation

low costs, easy upgrades, pay as you use it

Compatible with major platforms

Integration with major tracking platforms in multiple nsdustries

Turnkey option

CRM, Content Management, Data Analytics and predictions ready to use


API enabled, customizable and tailored for your needs


unified view of the user journey

DataFlair.Ai is a decision intelligence platform that helps companies understand customer behavior and gain confidence in making the best decisions for the success of your business. DataFlair.Ai targets every customer acquisition company, basically our platform can work to optimize internal efforts of any business and understand their customer behavior.

Team Member
Team Member
Team Member


“DataFlai.Ai has made an impact on how I run my business. Now I have all the data at one place, how I want it."

Martin Renson


“DataFlair.AI is like having an extra brain on your behalf always there to give you the best insights.”

Visar Hoxha
Sales and Marketing Director


“In my industry we strongly depend on data. Finding and knowing your data is hard. makes it easy”

Laura Barkay
Marketing Specialist Affiliation


Systemize your decision making

Our goal is to make sure that there is purpose in everyone’s work, and every company can remove the stigma of decision making. We do this with smart AI data tools, that help you predict the outcome or at least make a decision based on real insights, therefore making your work meaningful, productive and joyful. 

decision intelligence

Know what works

Decision intelligence is the art of turning information into better actions at any scale.The basic idea is that decisions are based on our understanding of how actions lead to outcomes. 

DI data connetion


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